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Members in the News

Dr. Anthony Carter Named to the Board Of Directors
for the Anterior Hip Foundation

Dr. Carter Anterior Hip Foundation The Anterior Hip Foundation (AHF), an international society fostering advancement of the anterior approach to total hip replacement, has selected Dr. Anthony Carter, Hip and Knee Replacement surgeon at HROSM, to serve on their Board of Directors. Founded by global thought leader and anterior approach pioneer Dr. Joel Matta of Santa Monica, CA, the AHF is a collaborative enterprise created by orthopedic surgeons to continue improving the anterior approach technique and associated technologies.

“As an early adopter of the Anterior Approach hip replacement technique, Dr. Anthony Carter gained prominence in the surgeon community for his exceptional technical proficiency while cultivating one of the busiest orthopedic practices on the East Coast on the basis of his patient-first principles. The Anterior Hip Foundation is thrilled that Dr. Carter has accepted our invitation to join AHF’s Board and we are excited to work together to further innovate the Anterior Approach hip replacement technique through improved education and technologies,” noted Drs. Joel Matta & Charles DeCook, Founders of the Anterior Hip Foundation.

Currently, the Anterior Hip Foundation board is composed of 14 surgeons. Each board member was nominated by AHF on the basis of clinical leadership on the anterior approach technique, past and present contributions to hip replacement, key opinion leadership and business proficiency, as well as personal character and reputation. Board members are responsible for broad oversight of AHF initiatives, programs, meetings, membership growth, and they also have a voice in the annual operational planning.

“It is an honor to be named to the inaugural Board of the Anterior Hip Foundation and I am excited to be working with this esteemed group of renowned surgeons,” says Carter. “The hip society is uniquely positioned to be the premier body dedicated to the advancement of hip surgery. Since introducing the anterior approach to the Hampton Roads community over ten years ago, it has transformed the way hip surgery is performed and has greatly improved patient care with better outcomes and shorter recovery times,” states Carter.

Dr. Anthony Carter will serve as Chairman of the Innovation and Technology Committee of the AHF stating, “I look forward to continuing to advance the concepts of the anterior approach not only regionally but nationally and internationally. I have had the privilege to meet, teach and observe surgeons from all over the globe and will continue to bring that breadth of knowledge and passion to my duties on the Board.”



Dr. Hurwitz is Appointed Deputy Editor of JBJS Journal

Shepard Hurwitz, MD was appointed Deputy Editor of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. He is Editor for the Topics in Training Section that includes issues of resident and fellow training and education, as well as issues of improving surgical technique. The manuscripts submitted are considered for publication in the main JBJS Journal. There are more JBJS publications, including one for case reports and online rapid publication. All orthopaedists are encouraged to submit manuscripts to the JBJS concerning issues of improving training, education and technique improvements.



Wilford K. Gibson, MD, named Chair of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Council on Advocacy

Wilford K. Gibson, MD
Wilford K. Gibson, MD

Washington, DC. (May 17, 2017) — Virginia orthopaedic surgeon Wilford K. Gibson, MD, was named chair of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Council on Advocacy prior to the Council’s April 2017 meeting and the 2017 National Orthopaedic Leadership Council meeting in Washington, DC. The Council on Advocacy plans, organizes, directs, and evaluates the Association’s legislative, regulatory, and health policy programs and initiatives.

Dr. Gibson is secretary/treasurer at Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists in Virginia Beach, Virginia, specializing in orthopaedic hip, knee and shoulder reconstruction and replacement and orthopaedic sports medicine. He has practiced in Virginia for over two decades, earning the Virginia Orthopaedic Society Career Award in 2015. Dr. Gibson previously served in the U.S. Navy, where he received personal awards including the Navy Commendation Medal and the National Defense Service Medal.

Dr. Gibson graduated Cum Laude from the University of Richmond and was awarded an Armed Forces scholarship to attend the Medical College of Virginia. He completed his post-graduate training at Naval Regional Medical Center, a naval fellowship in orthopaedic trauma at Tampa General Hospital in Florida, and a hip reconstruction fellowship at Los Angeles County and Good Samaritan Hospitals. In addition to his particular interest in minimally invasive joint replacement and preservation, Dr. Gibson is passionate about sports medicine, serving as a team physician for Old Dominion University.

Dr. Gibson is committed to advocacy work and improving patient access to high-quality care. As an active member of AAOS, he served as chair and secretary of the Association’s Board of Councilors, chair of the Advocacy Resource Committee and was a member of the AAOS Board of Directors. He is also active in the Virginia Orthopaedic Society where he served as president from 2007-2008. For fun, Dr. Gibson enjoys cycling, boating and fishing. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Annette, and has three children.

Read more about Dr. Gibson.



Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists Surgeon Performs First Single-stage Autologus Cartilage Implant Surgery in Hampton Roads Area

NORFOLK, Va. – (May 31, 2017) Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialist Bradley Butkovich, MD, FAAOS, recently performed Hampton Roads’ first single-stage surgery for autologous cartilage implantation at Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center.  The procedure uses the ReveilleTM Cartilage Processor, a new technology that allows physicians to implant healthy cartilage cells in a matter of minutes.

Autologous cartilage implantation (ACI) is a new procedure that allows orthopedic surgeons to treat knee cartilage injuries using the patient’s own healthy cartilage. Sports injuries and aging can damage knee cartilage, causing pain and loss of function. Because cartilage cannot heal well by itself, new surgical techniques aim to stimulate the growth of new cartilage, relieving pain and restoring knee function.

“Before we had this new technology, cartilage implantation involved two surgeries. The first surgery collected healthy cartilage cells. These cells spent several weeks growing in a solution before they were replanted in the knee during a second surgery,” says Dr. Butkovich. “We now have the ability to collect the cells, extract them in a two-minute process and then replant them in one surgical step. This new procedure saves the patient’s time, reduces the risks associated with multiple surgeries and helps patients recover more quickly.”

Dr. Butkovich’s has often brought innovative surgeries to Hampton Roads. He was one of the first orthopaedic surgeons in the state of Virginia to perform cartilage repair and restoration procedures, as well as leading edge ACL reconstruction and graft augmentation using Platelet Rich Plasma and the Flash Technique.

Dr. Butkovich’s arthroscopic and sports medicine expertise also includes knee arthroscopy, multi-ligament knee injuries, cartilage restoration and foot & ankle and upper extremity surgery. Dr. Butkovich is one of only a few surgeons in Hampton Roads to have completed an accredited Sports Medicine Fellowship and to have received separate Board Certification in Sports Medicine through the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons.



J. Abbott Byrd, III, MD, FAAOS is Nominated for the Cover of Hampton Roads Area Medical Magazine

Name of Nominee: J. Abbott Byrd, III, MD, FAAOS
Specialty:  Orthopaedic Spine Surgery
Hospital Affiliation(s): Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD)

Physician logoOn May 22, 2017, at 7:18 PM, Wilford K. Gibson, MD <> wrote:

J. Abbott Byrd has practiced Orthopaedic surgery as an orthopaedic spine surgeon in Hampton Roads since 1987.  When he began practice, he was the only spine surgeon that treated adult spinal deformity.

From the beginning of his career, Dr. Byrd has been a pioneer in spinal implant design. Several of his innovations are still in use today and have changed spinal surgery. At local, national and international levels, in addition to his private practice, Dr. Byrd has been, and continues to be, a leader in othopaedic spine surgery. He serves as a mentor and educator for spine surgeons, and he is active in research and orthopaedic organizations worldwide.

In 1987, Dr. Byrd and his colleagues developed the Puno-Winter-Byrd (PWB) spinal implant system to treat spinal deformity. Dr. Byrd also developed the first, stand-alone, spine device used to treat discogenic lumbar and cervical pain.  Both of Dr. Byrd’s inventions are still in use today and he holds several patents.

I have asked Dr. Byrd to summarize his career in his own words:

Education:  “Following three years at the University of Richmond where I received a BS in chemistry I attended the Medical College of Virginia graduating in 1978.  This was followed by 2 years of General Surgery at Emory University and a 4 year Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Duke University.  It was at Duke under my chairman, Dr. Leonard Goldner, that I became interested in treating patients with spinal problems.  I furthered this interest with a Fellowship in Spinal Surgery at the Twin Cities Scoliosis Center in Minneapolis which was the premier spinal deformity center in the world.”

Practice:  “In 1985 I entered practice as Assistant Professor and Head of the Adult Spinal section in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at West Virginia University.  While I enjoyed academic medicine, I missed my home in Norfolk. In 1987, I returned and joined the Vann Orthopedic group.  Since then my practice has been limited to providing both non-operative and operative care for patients with degenerative and herniated cervical and lumbar disc disease, scoliosis, kyphosis, tumors and trauma of the spine.  One of my main interests is that of adult spinal deformity which no one was treating in Hampton Roads in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Since beginning practice, more than 6000 patients have trusted me to operate on their spine.  This is truly humbling.”

Research:  “Being mechanically inclined, I have always had an interest in how things work.  During my fellowship, Dr. Arthur Steffee visited to demonstrate his spinal pedicle screw system, which was the latest in spinal fixation devices.  This system consisted of screws inserted into the vertebral bodies through the pedicles and then attached to a straight plate to immobilize the spine while a fusion consolidated.  This opened possibilities not seen with existing devices, however, the straight plate was not applicable to the curved spines that I was seeing in my Spine Fellowship.  Thus began my work in spinal implant development.  Along with a research fellow, Dr. Randy Puno and our professor, Dr. Robert Winter, we developed the PWB spinal implant system which was a pedicle screw system that attached to a rod making it applicable to patients with spinal deformities.  This device was ground breaking and led to the famous “555” patent describing the first variable angle pedicle screw in the world.  In fact, this device is on display at the Kansas University Spine and Orthopedic Historical Collections where it is credited as the first variable angled pedicle screw in the world. 

“My work on spinal implants has continued earning multiple patents in the field.  Refinements to the PWB system has led to a complete spinal deformity system which has been used around the world treating many patients with spinal conditions.  The system continues in use today.“

“In addition to an interest in spinal deformity patients, I have always been intrigued by discogenic lumbar and cervical pain.  This led me to develop a stand-alone anterior lumbar fusion device in the mid 2000’s, which again was the basis of a patent.  Along with the Stalif device from England this was one of the first of its kind and continues in use today.  The device has been expanded for use in the cervical spine.”

“I have worked on many other devices which have not enjoyed the success previously described, but I have always enjoyed trying to develop mechanical solutions that would improve patients’ lives.  My work in this field continues to this day.”

Leadership:  “One of my earliest experiences in medical leadership was as Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Sentara Norfolk Hospitals in the late 1990’s.  For the last 16 years I have been President of Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists.  During that time the group has grown to 23 doctors with 6 locations in South Hampton Roads employing almost 200 people.  The dedication that our staff and doctors display in caring for patients with orthopaedic problems is truly amazing.  I have also been quite active in the leadership of the Scoliosis Research Society which is the leading spinal deformity organization in the world.  Having served as the head of many committees I was elected to the Board of Directors in the mid 2000’s.  More recently, I was elected Treasurer of the organization and am again serving on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee as well.”

:  “In 2016, I was awarded the Virginia Orthopedic Career Award by the Virginia Orthopaedic Society.”

 “Orthopaedic research is the key to future advances to improve the care of our patients and has been the focus of my professional giving.  I am a member of the Shand’s Society which is a special donor level of the Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation and also the REO Society which is similar effort of the Scoliosis Research Society.  In 2015, my wife and I endowed the Allison D. and J. Abbott Byrd III Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery at our medical school alma mater, Medical College of Virginia.  This seven figure effort will provide funding for orthopaedic research well into the future.”

 “While I have had a satisfying career, I have been truly blessed by a great family.  Both of my parents are still living-my father a retired internal medicine physician and my mother a retired nurse.  I met my future wife, Allison, who was a med school classmate and have been married for 37 years.  We have been blessed with three children-Jennifer, Catherine and Will. They were athletically inclined which led to their acceptance at Princeton University.  Jennifer was captain of the women’s track team while Will was captain of the men’s track team.  Catherine was a member of the women’s soccer team which went to the Final Four Tournament in her senior year. Catherine chose a career in law and is an attorney with a large firm in Washington DC. Jennifer and Will chose a career in medicine and will be fifth year residents in orthopaedic surgery in July. In summary, I have been blessed with a life that is beyond all my expectations.“

As his professional colleague and a 30-year observer, I submit this nomination for J. Abbott Byrd MD, for the cover of Hampton Roads Physician next issue.

Dr. Byrd is a native of Hampton Roads. He graduated from Norfolk Christian High School. He received his under-graduate degree from the University of Richmond, and his medical doctorate from the Medical College of Virginia. He completed his surgery residency at Emory University Hospitals and his orthopaedic surgery residency at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Byrd’s outstanding performance in medical school and his residencies led to his selection for a spine fellowship at the world’s premier spinal deformity center, the Twin Cities Scoliosis Center in Minneapolis, MN.  While at the Scoliosis Center, along with research fellow, Dr. Randy Puno and their professor, Dr. Robert Winter, Dr. Byrd developed the PWB spinal implant system.

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