74th Annual Meeting | April 30 - May 1, 2021

General Information

Meeting Objectives:

Following the meeting, the learner will be able to;

1. Integrate current basic science, translational and clinical research into the delivery of evidence-based, cost-effective orthopaedic care
2. Develop an understanding of the optimal methods for management of clavicle fractures
3. Become more informed on the current recommended multimodal pain control options after orthopaedic surgery
4. Understand the regional anesthesia options available to help minimize opioid prescribing
5. Offer clinicians a basic understanding of how to implement outpatient total joint replacement
6. Become more informed on the current recommendations for management of distal radius fractures as well as expected outcomes and complications
7. Understand how sports medicine has evolved during a global pandemic
8. Be updated on the current trends in hip arthroscopy
9. Understand new changes in orthopaedic billing and coding