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Virginia 2007
Election Results

The Democrats took control of the Virginia Senate and picked up
four seats in the House of Delegates. Senator Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) will be new Senate Majority Leader; all Senate committee chairmen will be new. Some of the most notable results... Delegate John Welch (R-VB) lost to challenger Bobby Mathieson. Welch, a chiropractor, was on House Health Welfare & Institutions Health Professions subcommittee. Senator Nick Rerras (R-Norfolk) lost to challenger Dr. Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist. Rerras was on Senate Educcation & Health (E&H) Professions Subcommittee. Republican Ralph Smith won a close Senate open seat race in Roanoke over Dr. Mike Breiner, a plastic surgeon. Senator Jay O'Brien (R-Clifton/Fairfax) lost to challenger George Barker, lobbyist for the Va Health Planning Agenices, by 800 votes. Independent Delegate Katherine Waddell (Richmond) lost to Republican Challenger Manoli Loupassi. Joe Bouchard narrowly defeated Dr. Chris Stolle, an ob/gyn, in House open seat race in Virginia Beach. Republican Richard Stuart defeated former Delegate Albert Pollard to represent the Senate district stretching from Fredericksburg to the Northern Neck. For results in your city/county and all results statewide, visit the State Board of Elections.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments. Thanks to everyone who participated in our advocacy efforts and voted. It's time to get to know the new members. Please make contributions to the PAC for "debt retirement" events that will be held across the Commonwealth. Please let us know if you'd like help coordinating meetings with new General Assembly members in your community.

Cal Whitehead


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