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Delagate John O’Bannon, MD Receives
2007 VOS Legislator of the Year Award

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Delegate John O’Bannon, MD (R-Henrico) was presented the 2007 VOS Legislator of the Year Award on May 5, 2007 at the Society’s Annual Meeting banquet in Charlottesville.  Dr. O’Bannon, a practicing neurologist and the General Assembly’s only physician, was selected by the Board of Directors to receive the award because of his work on Certificate of Public Need (COPN) reform, managed care issues, and scope of practice.   He has represented the 73rd House District since 2001.  Delegate O’Bannon now chairs the important Health Subcommittee of the House Health, Welfare & Institutions Committee.

Dr. O’Bannon thanked the VOS for the recognition and made brief remarks about the importance of physician advocacy.  He reminded those present that the complex healthcare policy game has many players with opposing viewpoints.  Insurance companies, hospital systems, trial attorneys, and allied health professions all are actively engaged in the political process.  Physicians must also foster relationships with Delegates and Senators to inform them of issues impacting practices and patients.

Please join VOS in thanking Dr. O’Bannon for his service in the General Assembly and his efforts to improve the healthcare environment for patients, orthopaedic surgeons and all physicians.  Information about Dr. O’Bannon is available at http://www.johnobannon.com/.



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All 140 seats of the Virginia General Assembly will be decided on November 6. Delegate and state Senate races are unusually competitive this year with control of the House and Senate at stake. For information about important health policy issues and legislative records, contact VOS lobbyist Cal Whitehead at cwhitehead@whiteheadconsulting.net.

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