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The General Assembly convenes on Wednesday, January 10 for a 45-day session.  As usual, the Delegates and Senators will consider around 3000 bills!  Please look for updates from VOS on legislation that impacts orthopaedics and medicine.  Make sure you take a few minutes to call or email your representatives about important measures (you can bet the “other side” is making those calls). 

Go to “Who’s My Legislator?” for contact information:

Here are just some of the issues VOS is covering on your behalf:

  • Certificate of Public Need (COPN) Reform:  VOS and other interested physician groups are supporting measures that will make the COPN process less burdensome, expensive, and inequitable.  We will support efforts to exempt certain medical equipment that will make patient care more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Managed Care Reform:  VOS, working with MSV and other specialty societies, will support “dual endorsement” reimbursement checks for out-of-network care.  Currently, some insurance companies will not directly reimburse out-of-network physicians and send the check to patient, who may not always pay the doctor.  Requiring the physician’s signature on those checks will help keep those dollars in the system and for the purpose they were intended.
  • Access to Physical Therapy services:  Many months of negotiations with the Virginia Physical Therapy Association (VPTA) has resulted in legislation that will expand direct access to PT services to 14 days.  The legislation has many specific conditions for qualifications and for physician control over patient care.  Perhaps more important is a multi-year, formal agreement between VOS and VPTA that will ensure that no efforts will be made to expand scope of practice or change laws that impact physician-owned PT services.
  • Advertising and the Definition of “Physician”:  VOS initiated the concept of prohibiting the use of “physician” by professionals who did not graduate from medical or osteopathic school.  MSV and specialty societies will seek legislation that will help reduce confusion caused by allied health professionals that advertise that they are physicians.


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