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What Does the VOS Advocacy Do for You?

By Cal Whitehead

ADVOCATES in the General Assembly, Virginia Regulatory Agencies, and the Judicial branch.

FIGHTS to “Protect the Cap” and maintain limits on medical malpractice liability.

DEFENDS orthopaedic practices’ right to provide physical therapy and other ancillary services.

MAINTAINS safe limits on physical therapy, chiropractic, and podiatry.

PROMOTES fair business policies for orthopaedic practices in insurance and tax laws.

ENSURES that orthopaedists’ voices are heard on health policy through successful appointments of orthopaedic surgeons to key commissions and public workgroups.

ADVANCES Certificate of Public Need (COPN) reforms to improve orthopaedists’ ability to bring new services and technologies to patients.

PROTECTS Medicaid reimbursement rates to maintain access to services.

SUCCESSFULLY PURSUES AAOS grants for advocacy Programs.

RECOGNIZES legislators through VOS “Legislator of the Year” award.

SUPPORTS candidates through ORTHO-PAC.



ORTHO-PAC solicits contributions from Virginia Orthopaedists to fund General Assembly and statewide office candidates who share our goal to foster a better environment for orthopaedic medical care delivery. Political contributions help offset the expenses of campaigns and allow orthopaedists to target our message to important decision-makers. With your support of ORTHO-PAC, we can achieve our mission of educating policymakers about our professional concerns.


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