Eastern Virginia Medical School Student's Perspective
on the VOS 62nd Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach

The VOS 62nd Annual Meeting was a great event to attend as a medical student with aspirations of a career in orthopaedics. The lectures were very informative and gave me the opportunity to learn about current issues in orthopaedics and recent research. I learned about common complications with total hip arthroplasties, such as dislocation, the frequency with which they occur, and new ways to position the prosthesis to minimize such complications. Dr. Bonner presented an overview of different procedures used to repair focal chondral defects and the drawbacks associated with each. He also discussed promising advances for focal cartilage repair. I learned about indications for patellofemoral arthroplasty and especially enjoyed a video demonstrating the bicompartomental knee arthroplasty procedure. Another lecture presented the risks and benefits associated with hip resurfacing versus total hip arthroplasty and which patients are the best candidates for resurfacing. Overall, this experience was a great way to gain some exposure to orthopedics, and I hope to attend many of these meetings in the future!

Thank you for the opportunity to attend this meeting.

William E. Daner, III
EVMS Medical Student
Class of 2010









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