President's Message

By Joel D. Stewart, MD
President, Virginia Orthopaedic Society


Joel Stewart

Joel D. Stewart, MD

VOS President

NPs and PAs

VOS 2009 Annual Meeting

Dear Virginia Orthopaedic Society Members,

We are finalizing the  62nd Annual Meeting, May 1-3, 2009 in Virginia Beach.  The website has the planned agenda.  We have had another loss to our planning committee.  Dr. Rob Gaines also “volunteered” for a trip to Afghanistan.  OK, the volunteering was a little exaggerated, but Dr. Luke Balsamo will be stepping up for the meeting.  Due to the Department of Justice investigations, all vendors have had changes to the way they can sponsor educational opportunities.  If you see your local reps, ask if they are coming to the meeting, and steer them to Matt Van Wie via the website.  Drs. Taylor and Mont will be our guest speakers, but we have several experts from Virginia speaking on other clinical topics.  The “hands-on” labs will be on deformity correction and hip resurfacing. We also hope to have a lab on distal radius fractures.

I am sure you all get the AAOS Now magazine.  Last month's issue, February 2009, has a front page article on the AAOS taking a position on ED care.  It has been very interesting this year with the workings of this issue.  I was asked by the presidents of the California, Florida, and Texas Orthopaedic Societies to sign on to a joint letter regarding the Emergency Department care of orthopaedic patients.  The information stated that there was a thought that the AAOS was going to link ABOS certification to taking ER calls, as well as making a statement that orthopaedic surgeons had a responsibility to take call, to allow orthopaedic care to be “close to home” at local hospitals.  I reviewed these statements, and after discussion with board members, I did sign on with the other state societies.  The AAOS  statement was revised and is laid out in the AAOS Now. I found it very interesting to read Dr. J. Tracy Watson’s OTA presidential address in the Journal of Orthopaedic  Trauma.  It was titled “When The Iron Men Are All Retired…Who Will Pin My Hip?”  He describes the OTA’s feeling that too often the trauma patients are transferred to trauma centers when care could be given locally.  This year, Dr. T. K. Miller will be heading up a lecture/discussion on the “On-Call” issues on Friday night at the annual meeting.

The General Assemby has just finished this session.  The Malpractice Cap issue is still out there.  Contact Cal Whitehead,  donate to the OrthoPAC, and/or contact your local Delegate and Senator to tell them that the Cap needs to stay.

I look forward to continue serving the Virginia Orthopaedic Society.  Get the word out to your local colleagues, who may or may not be members. If they are members, encourage them to come to the 2009 Annual Meeting, and if they're not members, let them know about VOS and the benefits of joining.

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