VOS 2011 Annual Meeting Highlights

By Mark J. Romness, MD

A. Bobby Chhabra, MD, VOS President, presents
Mark J. Romness, MD, with an award for planning an
outstanding 2011 VOS Annual Meeting.
A good time was had by all at the Friday Night Cookout!
Thomas P. Sculco, MD, (left) and Quanjun "Trey" Cui, MD, after Dr. Sculco's Keynote presentation on Saturday.

A weekend at The Homestead Resort is always a good excuse to leave home and work.  It was even better being there with friends and colleagues that you rarely get to see or talk to - including your partners that have an office next to yours!  It was also nice to see orthopaedists from around the state that you had heard of, but had never met.

A chill in the air at the Friday Night Cookout contributed to a retreat to the President’s Lounge where attendees and families were able to continue socializing and catching up on each others’ activities over the last year.

Saturday’s General Session was an excellent mix of topics related to everyday care of our patients and concluded with our Keynote guest, Dr. Thomas Sculco’s first talk on arthroplasty. Arthroplasty talks continued with debates on navigation and surgical approaches.  An excellent attendance by vendors allowed time to see and touch what’s new in the products world and a chance to talk in-depth with the people who represent them.

VOS member and Secretary of Health and Human Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia, William A. Hazel, Jr. closed the Saturday sessions with an update on how Federal healthcare policy is likely to affect the Commonwealth and how Virginia is addressing the challenges.  The full impact of many of the issues is still not well defined, which means there is still uncertainty in the way things will play out.

The Scientific Abstract session on Sunday included many well designed and presented papers with a combination of basic science and clinical presentations.  The top presentation award went to Scott Yang for his abstract, Can Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells Escape Rejection for Use in Orthopaedic Applications?  Our other Keynote guest, Dr. Darren Johnson, headlined the rest of the Sunday sessions on Sports topics and concluded with his talk Treatment of the Multiple Ligament Injured Knee.

VOS 2012 Annual Meeting

The two nights went by way too quickly, but the combination of low key social events and up-to-date educational activities made the weekend a wonderful experience and great reason to plan to attend next year’s meeting at the Williamsburg Lodge in wonderful Williamsburg, Virginia. Watch www.vos.org for the 2012 Annual Meeting program when it becomes available. See you there!

2011 PA Breakout Session Update

By Sara D. Rynders, MPAS, PA-C
University of Virginia Hand Center
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Division of Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery

The first ever PA - breakout session took place this year at the 2011 VOS Annual Meeting. Topics included discussion of the new specialty, CAQ, available to orthopaedic physician assistants given by Katherine Adamson PA-C of the NCCPA, and evidence-based care of acute lumbar disk herniations by Dr. Adam Shimer. The group that attended was enthusiastic about having a separate session geared toward the education of orthopaedic physician assistants.  A consensus of the group overwhelmingly supported another session at next year's meeting with a broad array of evidence-based topics presented by our own physician assistant colleagues!  Stay in touch with VOS for more details!

VOS 2011 Annual Meeting
Photo Highlights

Incoming VOS President, Derek Ochiai, MD, (left) gives outgoing President, A. Bobby Chhabra, MD, an award of appreciation for his hard work and dedication to the society.
From left: Mark D. Miller, MD, Darren L. Johnson, MD, and Sunday morning's keynote speaker,
Thomas P. Loughran, MD.
Career Award
A. Bobby Chhabra, MD, presents Shepard R. Hurwitz, MD,
with the 2011 VOS Career Award
Derek Ochiai, MD, (left) meets with Andrew B. Wolff, MD and D. Nicole Deal, MD, Co-Chairs of the upcoming
VOS 65th Annual Meeting
Julius "Jody" P. Smith III, MD, former VOS representative to the MSV, enjoys the Friday Night Cookout with his two daughters
VOS Annual Meetings are always family friendly events...especially at The Homestead Resort
D. Nicole Deal, MD, moderates a panel discussion after a round of oral abstract presentations by (left to right) Scott G. Edwards, MD; Ilvy Friebe, MD; Kelly Kilcoyne, MD, CPT; John A. Scanelli, MD and Kevin Wilson, MD
From Walter Reed National Military Center, Kevin Wilson, MD, (left) and Kelly Kilcoyne, MD, (right) presented oral abstracts at the meeting
From left: Shepard R. Hurwitz, MD, Thomas P. Sculco, MD, and Quanjun "Trey" Cui, MD, enjoy one of the wonderful meals at The Homestead Resort
VCU Health Systems' Christine Isaacs, MD (left) visits with Ilvy Friebe, MD
From left: Shepard Hurwitz, MD, Gabriel Gluck, MD, and his wife and D. Nicole Deal, MD enjoy the Saturday evening reception.
N. Douglas Boardman III, MD, VOS Past President, asks the oral abstract panel questions regarding their research


Scott Yang, MD
Scott Yang, MD
Presentation Award Winner

Abstract Podium Presentation Winner

Scott Yang, MD; Abhijit Dighe, PhD; Vedavathi Madhu, PhD; Quanjun Cui, MD

Title: Can Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells Escape Rejection for Use in Orthopaedic Applications?

Abstract Poster Presentation Winner

Haines Paik, MD; Anton E Dmitriev, PhD; Ronald A. Lehman, Jr., MD; Rachel E Gaume, BS;
Divya A. Ambati, BS; Daniel G. Kang, MD; Lawrence G. Lenke, MD

Title: The Biomechanical Effect of Pedicle Screw Countersinking
on Pullout Resistance in the Thoracic Spine

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