President's Message

By Derek H. Ochiai, MD
President, Virginia Orthopaedic Society


Derek H. Ochiai, MD
VOS President

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Dear Virginia Orthopaedic Society Members,

I am honored to serve VOS this year as President.  Dr. Chhabra has set a very high bar, and I hope to sustain the momentum generated by my predecessors.  I want to thank Dr. Chhabra for his selfless dedication to VOS; he did an outstanding job as President.

Our 64th Annual Meeting at The Homestead was fantastic.  The meeting combined education with world class faculty and interesting, relevant clinical topics with fun and collegiality. The program committee, Dr. Mark Romness, Dr. Gregory Domson, Dr. Quanjun Cui, and Sara Rynders, MPAS, PA-C, did a wonderful job with the program.  Thank you for all the vendors who supported us.  A full report of the event is included in the newsletter.

Challenges are faced by our organization.  Healthcare re-form, Medicare cuts and the SGR, and worker’s compensation reimbursement continue to be priorities.  The VOS Board will continue to work in the best interests of you and our patients.  Cal Whitehead, our lobbyist in Richmond, continues to advocate on our behalf, and we appreciate his dedication and service to VOS.

Membership continues to grow, not only with doctors, but also with physician assistants.  Membership in VOS is now over 450, and we hope to continue to grow.  VOS has many benefits, including discounts at the Annual Meeting and discounts for some practice related services.  Involvement in VOS helps all of us on many levels.  Many detrimental initiatives at the state level have been thwarted through the lobbying efforts of VOS, and the stronger, larger, and more vocal we are, the more we can accomplish. The Annual Meeting gives Virginia orthopaedic surgeons a chance to interact with each other, share ideas, and learn together.  Our keynote speakers are nationally recognized leaders in the field. We had Health Secretary Bill Hazel give us an insider’s view on what we could see coming down the pike with healthcare reform.

Dr. Nicole Deal, from the University of Virginia (NCAA Lacrosse National Champions), and Dr. Andrew Wolff, from the Nirschl Orthopaedic Group, will serve as program chairpersons for our upcoming meeting in Williamsburg, May 4-6, 2012. Williamsburg is a great location for both the meeting and for families, and the golf course is great too!  I hope to see you all for what promises to be a fun and educational weekend.

ORTHO-PAC is our state lobbying fund. This fund helps us to fight for issues that are important to all of us. Our VOS Board has recognized the importance of ORTHO-PAC, and 100% of the Board has again contributed to it.  In these economic times, any money spent should be looked at as an investment, and I truly cannot think of a wiser investment for a Virginia-based orthopaedic surgeon than to contribute to a fund that will help with issues in their state.  Please, give generously. CLICK HERE for the OrthoPac contribution form.

Finally, I want to thank the staff and board of VOS for continuing excellence.  I am excited about working with you.


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