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VOS 67th Annual Meeting
May 2-4, 2014
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Legislative News

White Coats on Call Recap
January 30, 2014

By John R. Prahinski, MD
The Orthopaedic Center of Central Virginia
Lynchburg, VA

White Coats on CallI took a day out of my practice to attend the VOS White Coats on Call with one of my partners, Dr. Gautham Gondi. Our practice has been concerned with legislation which would adversely impact our ability to care for patients. Our administrators, Karen Simonton and Anne Gianakos, have been involved in a working group on Workers' Compensation legislation. This session, a bill was introduced which would impose a Medicare-based fee schedule for all Workers' Compensation patients. This certainly got my attention and inspired me to get to Richmond.

I drove to Richmond the night before and was able to join the Board for the VOS reception and dinner. I sat with one of our local State Senators, Tom Garrett. He remembered me from a lunch he had attended at my office. I was able to express my concerns in a comfortable setting while getting to know him a little better and enjoying the company of fellow VOS members.

White Coats on Call

Dr. John Prahinski, Delegate Kathy Byron and Dr. Gautham Gondi meet during White Coats on Call Day, January 30, 2014.

White Coats on Call

Dr. Gautham Gondi, State Senator Steve Newman
and Dr. John Prahiask, all from Lynchburg.

White Coats on Call
Drs. Prahinski and Gondi discuss Workers' Compensation Bills.

The next morning, I met with Cal Whitehead, VOS Lobbyist, Andrew Mann, VOS Association Manager and MSV staff to discuss the issues and strategy. Karen Simonton from my office had set up meetings with four of our local legislators in advance. I walked around with Andrew and Dr. Gautham Gondi. We had a very nice meeting with Delegate Kathy Byron. She had a full grasp of the Workers' Comp issue and expressed her opposition to a Medicare-based fee schedule. We met with her for 15 minutes covering a broad range of issues which would affect our practice. I left feeling lucky that our area had such a smart, insightful Delegate trying to make the best decisions for her constituents. We were able to see Senator Steve Newman and explained our position to him. He seemed receptive also.

We met with Delegate Ben Cline also. He was not as familiar with the legislation. We explained the differences in caring for a Workers' Compensation patient as opposed to a Medicare patient. We finally met with Delegate Scott Garrett who practiced General Surgery in Lynchburg for years prior to being elected to the House of Delegates. He filled us in on pertinent issues in the House and expressed his support for our position. It is nice to have a doctor in the house.

Interestingly, I had seen several of the legislative assistants for our representatives as patients. That really opened doors for us.

I left with positive thoughts. I feel our legislators are doing the best they can in a thankless job. They appreciated our input on these tough issues. I was impressed with our VOS lobbying team. We appear to be well connected and have the attention and respect of legislators. I plan on staying in touch with my legislators and their assistants. I will attend White Coats on Call again next year.

CLICK HERE to view photos of the event


Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants

By Polly A. Porter, MPAS, PA-C, ATC
National Sports Medicine Institute

White Coats on Call
George Washinton University and Shenandoah University students are joined by the Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants' Board Members as they get ready to visit Virginia Delegates and Senators.

The Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants participated in the White Coats on Call in conjunction with the Medical Society of Virginia. As  an Affiliate Member, VAPA joins with MSV annually in grassroots lobbying about Virginia’s medical practice and health care system. The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) provided lobbyists to brief us on key issues and legislation prior to visits with legislators. As part of White Coats on Call this year, a specific PA Day was held on Tuesday, January 21. Happily, 109 PAs registered to attend to discuss PA-related bills currently before the delegates and senators. PAs and PA students supported SB 172 and SB 160 that expand concussion education/ awareness among non-interscholastic sports programs that use public school property. Special thanks to PAs and PA students that did attend and the MSV staff for providing excellent background and preparation. Physician Assistants also lobby on specialty days. Please feel free to invite your PA to join you for the Orthopaedic Specialty Day. We are proud to be a part of the MD, PA Partnership and lobby for issues related to medical practice in Virginia.


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