Spring 2013


66th Annual Mtg

VOS 66th Annual Meeting
May 3-5, 2013
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
WashinGton, DC




ORTHO-PAC solicits contributions from Virginia Orthopaedists to fund General Assembly and statewide office candidates who share our goal to foster a better environment for orthopaedic medical care delivery. Political contributions help offset the expenses of campaigns and allow orthopaedists to target our message to important decision-makers. With your support of ORTHO-PAC, we can achieve our mission of educating policymakers about our professional concerns.


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Legislative News

Workers' Comp Price Fixing Bill
and Reform Bills Tabled

System and Cost Reforms to be Reviewed

By Cal Whitehead

In a massive effort led by the Virginia Orthopaedic Society, the Medical Society of Virginia, and the Virginia Hospital & Health Care Association (VHHA), legislation that would have implemented a statutory fee schedule for workers' compensation care was tabled by a House Commerce & Labor special subcommittee. Citing a lack of consensus on a number of reform measures, Chairman Terry Kilgore (R-Gate City) ordered stakeholders to convene during the spring to develop consensus on worker's comp system improvements. The special subcommittee will consider the stakeholder ideas during two meetings in late spring and early summer.

VOS coordinated a diverse group of providers, patient advocates, claimant attorneys, business organizations, and other stakeholders who were opposed to HB 1612 (Hugo, R-Fairfax). That legislation, supported by insurers, self-insured corporations, and other industry interest groups would have tied worker's comp reimbursement to Medicare rates. This drastic change to a system that has the fourth lowest premiums in the country would threaten access to quality care by driving away providers.

VOS, MSV, and VHHA supported legislation offered by Delegate Lee Ware, which would have offered market-based reforms. HB 2206 would have encouraged private contracting, capped charge inflation by the medical Consumer Price Index, and required prompt payment for clean claim submissions. Industry representatives repeatedly rejected reform measures intended to slow growth but retain Virginia’s free market features.

The VOS Board is pleased that we have an extended opportunity to work on reforms.  The Board is particularly thankful to the grassroots activity from VOS members leading up to and during the General Assembly session. The Medical Society of Virginia has been an invaluable partner and resource to VOS. Please support our ongoing efforts with your membership in both VOS and MSV as well as support of the organizations’ political action committees – ORTHO-PAC and MSV PAC.


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