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66th Annual Mtg

VOS 66th Annual Meeting
May 3-5, 2013
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
WashinGton, DC




ORTHO-PAC solicits contributions from Virginia Orthopaedists to fund General Assembly and statewide office candidates who share our goal to foster a better environment for orthopaedic medical care delivery. Political contributions help offset the expenses of campaigns and allow orthopaedists to target our message to important decision-makers. With your support of ORTHO-PAC, we can achieve our mission of educating policymakers about our professional concerns.


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Save the Date!  January 31, 2013
VOS “White Coats on Call” Day on the Hill

Please make plans to join your fellow orthopaedic surgeons for our first “White Coats on Call” Day at the Virginia General Assembly on January 31, 2013.  This opportunity to visit your Delegates and Senators at the Capitol during the legislative session is coordinated with the Medical Society of Virginia's successful “White Coats on Call” grassroots advocacy program.  Your participation will be a rewarding and eye-opening experience.

The day will begin with an issue briefing from our lobbyists and light breakfast with orthopaedists and other physicians. Participants will then visit with their Delegate and Senator and observe committee meeting business. At mid-day, the “White Coats” can view the daily session from the Gallery in the Capitol where they will be recognized by the House and Senate. That afternoon VOS will have a Board meeting followed by a reception and dinner with key legislators. All VOS participants are invited to attend any or all portions of the program.

Please put the 2013 VOS “White Coats on Call” Day on the Hill on your schedule and stay tuned for additional details.  Questions can be directed to VOS lobbyists Cal Whitehead ( or Ralston King ( 


MSV Legislative Summit Recap

By Ralston King, MD

On Friday, June 1st, the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) hosted their annual MSV Legislative Summit to hear proposals on current issues that are affecting the practice of medicine in Virginia.  Those in attendance included; MSV members, local and specialty medical societies, MSV staff, and lobbyists.  Below is a brief summary of proposals and the request made to MSV. 

Much discussion that surrounded the MSV Legislative Summit dealt with Medicaid reimbursement for physicians. It has been over 10 years since Virginia’s physicians approached the General Assembly asking for an increase and in recent years, it has been a struggle to make sure rates do not get cut. With an increase in Medicaid recipients, but a decrease in Medicaid payments due to inflation, another possibility will be inflation rate adjustment.  Hospitals and nursing homes annually receive this adjustment rate. This proposal could quite possibly be better in terms of long term payment than a one-time Medicaid reimbursement. 

Top issues and concerns in the day to day practice of medicine have come from the emergency physicians that have continued to battle reduced Medicaid payments under a federal system that mandates all emergency departments provide care to all those who walk through the door. A complicated state system for mental health patients also causes emergency physicians to have concerns about the delivery of quality care and efficiently providing the proper setting for MH patients. 

In policy talks that will involve business, insurance, and provider stakeholders is the worker’s compensation system.  It is believed that the insurance companies will propose legislation that would create a fee schedule for worker’s compensation cases.  With business premiums increasing annually, insurance companies are pushing businesses to help advocate for a fee schedule.  While insurance companies claim that premiums will go down, it is not mentioned that access will be affected along with quality care. 

Each issue will be discussed and voted on at the Medical Society of Virginia’s House of Delegates at MSV’s Annual Meeting in November. We will keep you updated on changes and greatly appreciate any feedback you can give regarding proposals.

Summary of Issues

Definition of Surgery Loophole
Edwin Epstein, MD

Worker’s Compensation Reform
Virginia Orthopaedic Society

Medicaid Reimbursement Increase
Hugh Bryan, MD

Medicaid Payment Increase
AAP-VA Chapter

EMTALA Special Liability Protection

Disclosure of Physician Identity in Malpractice Case
Scott Reed, MD

Mental Health Issues in the Emergency Department

Emergency Custody Orders (ECO) & Temporary Detention Orders (TDO)