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68th Annual Mtg

VOS 68th Annual Meeting
April 24-26, 2015
The Homestead
Hot Springs, VA



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MSV Update

By Hugh M. Bryan III, MD
MSV Past President

Hugh M. Bryan III, MD

This year was another successful session for physicians as the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) continued in its efforts to look out for the best interests of patients and physicians in the commonwealth.

MSV continued to be a great ally of the Virginia Orthopaedic Society (VOS) as was evident through our joint efforts on workers’ compensation reforms. This year, MSV focused on turning back the Medicare-based fee schedule and getting our reform bill passed. In addition to direct lobbying of legislators and grassroots alerts. MSV asked all of its White Coats on Call participants, who are our colleagues practicing in all specialties, to talk about workers’ compensation during their visits to legislators. Having all of the physicians who came to Richmond during the legislative session carry the message about the problems a fee schedule would create is a testament to the value of our relationship with MSV and the connections we can make through MSV with our peers.

Thanks to our efforts, there was unanimous support for a workers’ compensation system reform bill that will implement fair business practices and streamline administrative requirements to help keep quality providers in the system and help injured employees return to work as quickly as possible. MSV believes these reforms will help keep quality providers in the system, which is critical to helping inured employees return to work as quickly as possible. This success showed how much is possible when physicians can come together to achieve a shared goal.

Regarding another issue that I know we all care about, MSV is evaluating health plans’ prior authorization processes to identify ways to streamline our administrative burdens. This is an issue that I personally have raised with MSV and have provided data to the staff about the experiences of my office staff in dealing with pre-authorizations. John Mann III, MD is serving on the MSV task force on this issue to represent VOS. We expect that the task force will develop recommendations for issues to discuss with the plans and possible legislative remedies for some issues.  

I always say there are two great organizations in Virginia for orthopaedic surgeons, the Virginia Orthopaedic Society (VOS) and the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV). We owe it to ourselves and our patients to be active in both. 

Dr. Bryan is an orthopaedic surgeon in Gloucester, Virginia. He is a member of VOS and MSV. He served as MSV president in 2012. He has also served on the MSV Board of Directors and has been the vice speaker and the speaker of the MSV House of Delegates.