Summer 2014


68th Annual Mtg

VOS 68th Annual Meeting
April 24-26, 2015
The Homestead
Hot Springs, VA



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Med School News

What’s New at
UVA Orthopaedics?

By A. Bobby Chhabra, MD
Chair, Orthopaedic Surgery
Lillian T. Pratt Distinguished Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery
Professor, Plastic Surgery
Co-Director, UVA Hand Center

UVA Orthopaedic Surgery has experienced unprecedented growth over the last six years. We are the fastest growing department at the UVA Medical Center with the highest rate of subspecialty patient access. Our faculty complement has increased from 18 to 24 members. We will have 26 faculty members as of August 2014. We have increased from eight to 15 physician assistants and from six to eight ACGME accredited fellows during this time. We provide fellowship training in Hand and Upper Extremity, Joint Replacement, Spine, and Sports. Our Orthopaedic Residency Program continues to thrive with 850 applications received for five residency positions this past year.

We continue to have strong education collaboration with Carilion Orthopaedics and have four residents rotating at any given time with Dr. Moskal’s group.

We have an exceptional educational presence at the national level with seven of our faculty teaching at national board review courses.

We continue to have a strong collaboration with athletic programs in our area providing Orthopaedic care for UVA and JMU athletics and ten area high schools.

We have experienced a substantial increase in our clinical growth. In 2009 we saw 55,000 Orthopaedic clinic patient visits. In 2013 this number increased to 69,000. For 2014 we are on pace to see over 70,000 patient visits at the UVA Orthopaedic clinics. Our surgical case volume has continued to increase as well. In 2008 we performed 5,800 surgical cases. In 2013 we performed 6,800 cases. In 2014 we are on pace to perform over 7,100 surgical procedures in our Outpatient Surgery Center and Main Operating Room.

I would like to introduce the members of each division of our growing department to the Virginia Orthopaedic Society as there are many new faces here in the audience who will be participating in future VOS meetings.

  1. Our Adult Reconstruction Division is led by Dr. Thomas Brown who has been the Division Head for the last ten years. He is joined by Dr. Quanjun Cui who was just selected secretary/treasurer of VOS. Dr. James Browne is the newest addition to our Adult Reconstruction Division and has already gained a national reputation for educational excellence and recently received national recognition for Improvements in quality and outcomes for joint arthroplasty patients. The Adult Reconstruction Division is supported by physician assistants Cameron Lyon, Kate Robertson, and Chad Wilson.
  2. Our Foot and Ankle Division has increased from one to three surgeons in the last six months. Joseph Park is the Division Head and his partners are Venkat Perumal and Truitt Cooper who recently joined us from Richmond. The physician assistant for Foot and Ankle is James Shorten.
  3. I have served as Division Head for Hand and Upper Extremity for the last nine years. My partners are Drs. Rashard Dacus, Nicole Deal (who was just elected as a member-at-large for VOS) and Aaron Freilich. We are supported by two physician assistants, Kelsey Parente and Amy Radigan.
  4. Orthopaedic Oncology Services are provided by Dr. Greg Domson, who has a full time appointment at VCU, but spends one day a week at UVA seeing oncology patients and performing surgical procedures. He also educates our residents on Orthopaedic Oncology and Basic Science and I know he is one of VCU and UVA’s most talented educators.
  5. Prosthetics and Orthotics is a division of Orthopaedic Surgery. Don Payne has been the Division Head for 20 years. He is supported by two very talented faculty, Mary Grant and Kevin King.
  6. Pediatric Orthopaedics is led by Dr. Mark Romness. Mark Romness has just been elected President of VOS and I would like to congratulate him on this great achievement. Leigh Ann Lather joined our faculty last year. The Pediatric Orthopaedic Division is supported by physician assistant, Emily Feiner.
  7. Our Spine Division is led by Dr. Francis Shen who has been Division Head and Co-director of the Spine Center for the last eight years. Adam Shimer is one of our most talented young faculty members. They are supported by physician assistants Rebecca Layman and Rosemarie Tyger. We have hired two new spine surgeons who will join our faculty this summer.
  8. Sports is our largest division led by Dr. Mark Miller who has been Division Head for the last 12 years. His partners include Dave Diduch, Eric Carson, Steve Brockmeier, and Winston Gwathmey. They are supported by three physician assistants, Jennifer Hart, Cary Garrett, and Claire Denny.
  9. Orthopaedic Trauma is led by Dr. David Weiss. His partners include former VOS President, Dave Kahler and our newest traumatologist, Dr. Seth Yarboro. They are supported by physician assistants, Jacquelyn Sedlock and Jody Wells.
  10. The new faculty we have hired since September 13th include Truitt Cooper, Assistant Professor in the Foot and Ankle Division, Winston Gwathmey, Assistant Professor in the Sports Division, Venkat Perumal, Assistant Professor in the Foot and Ankle Division, and Seth Yarboro, Assistant Professor in our Trauma Division.
  11. Despite our clinical growth, we have plans for even future clinical expansion. A new UVA Sports Center has been approved by the senior leadership this past week and eight departments will collaborate in this new multidisciplinary clinic, which will open within the next three years. The new Sports Center will allow for expansion and renovation of the current Orthopaedic Clinic to allow dedicated centers for Joint Replacement, Foot and Ankle and Trauma.
  12. We have expanded our clinical footprint and are seeing patients at Zion Crossroads Outreach Clinic which is located 15 miles east of Charlottesville. All Orthopaedic subspecialties are represented at this clinic.
  13. The new Battle Building is opening in July, 2014. This will consolidate all Pediatric Outpatient Clinical Services in one building allowing efficiency of comprehensive care. The Pediatric Orthopaedic Division will move to this new building. In addition, the bottom two floors of the Battle Building will hold the new Outpatient Surgery Center. We will expand from eight to 12 outpatient OR’s as of this summer to accommodate our growing outpatient surgery volume.
  14. We have substantial plans for UVA resident and fellow education. Implementation of Fellow and Resident Milestones and a new Surgical Simulation Curriculum will be completed this summer. A UVA Fresh Tissue Cadaver Lab for surgical training has been approved by our senior leadership and will open in January 2015. This state of the art lab will include ten extremity stations, ten arthroscopy stations, an operating microscope, fluoroscopy, and an adjacent conference room for GME and CME purposes. In addition the UVA Orthopaedic Resident Surgical Simulation Center will open in August, 2014. This center will hold non-cadaver based simulation for all resident levels to meet ACGME requirements. This center has been fully funded by the UVA Orthopaedic Alumni.
  15. We are investing considerably to improve our Orthopaedic research infrastructure. We are finalizing an offer to hire a new Orthopaedic Basic Science Research Director who will be jointly appointed with UVA Biomedical Engineering and will focus on re-energizing our tissue engineering research. I am also finalizing an offer to a candidate for our Orthopaedic Clinical Trials Director position. This will be a joint appointment with UVA Kinesiology. The focus of this individual’s efforts will be to facilitate clinical trials for all Orthopaedic divisions and increase our clinical trials and outcome research. Dr. Trey Cui has been appointed as Vice-Chair for Research to help coordinate our overall research efforts. In 2013, the UVA Orthopaedic Department had 78 peer reviewed publications, 53 book chapters, and 202 national presentations.

I am fortunate to have many talented faculty with leadership skills as partners. As of July 1, I have appointed a new orthopaedic leadership team to help me with our clinical, educational, and research initiatives. Dr. Dave Diduch will serve as Executive Vice-Chair and Director of Clinical Operations, Dr. Trey Cui will serve as Vice-Chair for Research, Dr. James Browne has been appointed as Director of Orthopaedic Quality, Dr. Rashard Dacus will be the Director of Orthopaedic Education and will oversee the residency and all fellowships. Dr. Mark Abel will continue to be Advisor to the Chair given his vast experience in several leadership roles throughout the institution. Mike Boblitz and Mary Leigh Thacker will continue their roles as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer.

I would like to congratulate Dr. John Mann and our program directors for an exceptional VOS meeting. I plan for UVA Orthopaedics to continue to be a strong contributor to the Virginia Orthopaedic Society as we face new challenges in healthcare.

Thank you for allowing me to share an update of our program.


What’s New at
VTCSOM / Carilion Clinic?

By T. K. Miller, MD
Carilion Clinic

In addition to its ACGME accredited fellowship in Adult Reconstruction, Carilion Clinic Orthopaedics is now in its 57th year of affiliation with the University of Virginia orthopaedic residency program. VTCSOM has just graduated its charter physician class with students securing residency positions in Orthopaedics at the University of Maryland and UNC. CCO now has faculty responsibility for all MSI, MSII ortho/MSK clinical labs and didactic instruction. We have 18 ongoing research projects including collaborative efforts with Virginia Tech/Wake Forest Biomedical Engineering, The Rothman Institute, University of Rochester and Sparc. Joseph Moskal, MD, assisted by Jon Carmouche, MD and John Mann, MD continues as AAOS exhibits chair. John Mann, MD steps down as President of VOS and T.K. Miller, MD is now President-Elect for VOS.

New to CCO Roanoke are Horatiu Dancea, MD: Hand Surgery and Caleb Behren, MD: Spine and Scoliosis; CCO NRV Michael Mauro, DO: General Orthopaedics, Michael Helvey, DO: General Orthopaedics, Jason Naldo, DPM: Foot and Ankle, and Ryan Harris, DO: Hip and Knee Arthroplasty and joining CCO in Lexington - Edward Hemphill, MD: General Orthopaedics, Sportsmedicine.

Scheduled for July 28 opening will be Carilion Community Ambulatory Surgery Center a 17,000 Sq Feet Facility with four ORs, 11 pre op, 18 post op stations, two procedure rooms and a new CS. In addition, purchase has been approved and construction planning initiated for Ivy Market MSK a 66,000 sq foot complex (phase 1) which will include Orthopaedics, Spine, PM&R.

Most important is the announcement that effective June 1, 2014, Carilion Clinic Orthopaedics will separate from the Department of Surgery and become the first new Department of Carilion Clinic and VTCSOM under the Chairmanship of Joseph Moskal, MD.